RSS Channel Writer is a powerful RSS feed generator, editor and submitter. With this program you can easily create RSS feed for your web site in seconds. It includes autocomplete tools, FTP manager, HTML and XML viewer and automatic RSS ping tool to RSS servers which data base will be updated permanently. No need of XML syntax knowledge, all you need to know is how to use the program. User-friendly interface makes work with RSS Channel Writer very easy. Autocomplete function saves you from mistakes during RSS feeds creation and saves your time. RSS Channel Writer works with different RSS formats, helps you to edit HTML in WYSIWYG editor, view XML and pictures, gives you ability view RSS feeds and publish them via FTP manager, ping your RSS feed to more than 50 RSS servers and bring more visitors to your website. Features and Benefits 1) Easily create RSS feed with autocomplete function; 2) Publish your feed - upload it to a server with a built-in FTP manager; 3) WYSIWYG editor for descriptions; 4) Built-in RPC pinger and RSS directory submitter; 5) Regular update of RSS servers base; 6) HTML and XML preview; and many more


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Flash News Scroller Features: 1) Interface Options: - Smooth News Movement; - Custom Background Image - HTML Background; - Custom Background Color; - Outline Color Control; - CSS Support - News text style and rollover style; - Customized Interface colors; - News Flow Speed Control; - News Flow Direction Control; - News Freeze on Mouse Over Event; - Default News Item Pause; - Individual Pause for every News Item (Pit Stop); 2) News Management: - Unlimited News Number; - Unlimited News Length; - News Format - XML, RSS; - RSS Support, RSS Feed Reader Plug-in - CNN News (PHP); - More RSS Plug-ins Available - On demand; - Custom News Heading; - Custom News Description - HTML Content; - Page URL for News; - Define URL Target Window; - Custom News Icons; - SWF and JPEG formats, 16x16; - News Flow Speed Control; - News Flow Direction Control - Up/Down; - News Freeze on Mouse Over Event; - Default News Item Pause; - Individual Pause for every News Item (Pit Stop); 3) General Features: - Application Version - 1.03; - SWF file size - only 6 kb; - Flash player version with glow and bevel effects - 7 and higher; - Delivered Files - SWF, HTML, FLA source files; - Free Support - 3 month; - Usage - Internet/Intranet webpages or as a part of Flash application; - Configuration Files Format - XML; - Possibility to redefine configuration filename in HTML; - Smooth News Movement. 

Flash News Scroller:

Recover Data RSS Reader:

Recover Data RSS Reader is a program to read RSS Feeds. Free System Utility to read & view RSS Feeds or Atom News. Recover Data RSS Reader Software is a Professional Software utility that allows users to rename, delete, save the RSS Feeds of different sites in your local location. Recover Data RSS Reader - free RSS reader Software is able to display any RSS feed in a readable form. 

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