Automatic Screen Recorder & Monitor is a professional screen recording and monitoring tool. It wills automatic record all the changes on the screen, generate recording file which can play by itself, and also can playback easily. You can record and monitor all operations on your screen day and night. This software has very powerful self-configuration functions, it can set recording time, setting the hard disk using strategy when there is no space it will delete the oldest file automatic. This software only record change of the screen and also using high compress arithmetic in order to make the recording file very small. This software uses a little bit system resource, it won't affect system running. In addition, this software has password control function, without password can not open the software. Features include: 1.Support many colors' screen, 16 colors, 256 colors, 16bits colors, 24bits colors, 32bits colors. Support different sizes of screen, you can change the screen colors and size during recording. 2.Can select as automatic recording at pc power on, and stop at pc power off. 3.Can manage pc hang or power cut-off, damaged files can be repair.? 4.Can set software password, without password can not open the software. 5.Can set recording file playing password, without password can not play the exe recording file. 6.High compression, generate very small recording file. 7.Can set hard disk using strategy, when hard disk full, it will delete the oldest files automatic or stop recording. 8.Can set recording only at a constant time span, special user log in, or special software running. 9.Flexible playing control, can use clock disk to set playing start time. 10.Using less system resource. 11.The generated recording file can play in any computer, without this software support.


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Although monitors and video cards are becoming cheaper every day, it is still not enough space on the screen for those people who intensively use computer in their everyday work, such as engineers, financial brokers, software developers, etc. Do they need to buy another monitor? No, there is WinArranger - a simpler solution. WinArranger helps you to use your workspace more effectively by arranging windows on your computer screen in the most optimal way. It can even hide windows borders and captions and system taskbar. Multi-monitor configurations are fully supported. Its low system requirements make it possible to use it in your office as well as at home. Moreover, it has neat and straightforward interface, customizable hotkeys and features unique layouts which can not be accomplished by the standard means. Key Features: - Hiding of window borders and captions - Customizable number of windows per each monitor - Customizable layout for each screen configuration - Three modes for window ordering: manual, by process, by title - Hotkey shortcuts for quick operation - Rules for the flexible management of windows to be arranged 

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