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Do you want to get a great domain name? Want to get extra visitors? Want to get your website crawled more often? Expired domain names is your answer! Do you know that every day 30,000 domains are registered and 2000 domains expire? Don't wait for all the good domain names to Go!!! This handy software tool will maximize your potential for claiming your domain and clearing the way to Wealth! Whether you want a domain name for your new website, get names with traffic to them to better market your existing site, or gain a name that you believe you can sell for a profit, there's not a better time to get going and claim your domain. Search among MILLIONS of expired domain names! With our software, you will get you the right domain lists from a variety of sources, filter the list so that you only have your best listings, and finally give you the tools to make sure you can register the domain name. There is whole lot of money to be made with expired domain names, whether you simply buy them to sell, or if you use them for there traffic that still exists on search engines to re-route to another website. Features Search for potentially available domain names Search the list for domain names that you want Find the perfect domain name for your business, product or service. Search available domains by Google PageRank* (R) - an unique functionality available only in our software! Save your own time - our software checks MILLIONS domain names in minutes! Use the domain name search secrets that the professionals use to uncover the ultimate domain name for your web site.

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This password protection software protects access to selected websites on your PC. You do not have to have webmater type access to the web server. All you have to do is to select an access password and type in URLs or domain name that you would like to protect. This software can password protect access to ANY website on your computer. When installed on the PC, IEProtect checks if a URL that is about to be visited is on the protected list. If yes, it displays a password prompt, if not it seemlesly continues browsing. As an additional security measure the software has its own access password and uninstall password protection features. Two operation modes allow IEProtect to work for all users of the computer, or currently logged on user only. 



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