With Ez eBook Studio you can develop and secure eBooks for distribution on CDs, DVDs or the net. You can add documents, images and videos. Ez Ebook Studio contains an advanced built-in word processor to help you build your own personalized documents. You can build your first eBook in under 5 minutes using the Wizard. Ez eBook Studio accepts many import formats including but not limited to Microsoft Word, HTML, JPG, GIF, BMP, Photoshop, WMV and MPEG. Imported files will be encapsulated into the final double clickable eBook and cannot be accessed or viewed by the end user. The viewer is incorporated into the final eBook, thus eliminating the need for any special software to view the eBook. Features: Advanced serial number generation/authentication. Password protection (Either Recurrent or Just for the first eBook load). Anti eBook copy algorithm for post serial authentication. Anti Computer clock tampering (Prevent Trial Fraud). Prevent or allow Copy, Paste, Print and more. You can add Trial and Registration capabilities to your eBooks. Personalize your eBooks with custom backgrounds and buttons or menu bars.


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eBook security

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land survey

resource builder

Macro System Creloaded Module

secure file transfer

eBook compiler software

animated cursor builder





Ez eBook Studio:


Survey Builder for CRE Loaded is an essential element of your e-store feedback system - a perfect marketing tool to make sure your business is moving in the right direction. Wondering why one product is a best-seller while its substitute doesns't sell at all? Then ask the ones, who make that choice - your customers and prospects! The easiest way to cover most of them with your minimal efforts is to create a survey. CRE Loaded Survey Builder is an absolute must-have for you to allow your customers and prospects to evaluate the products and services you are offering. ... Build virtually any survey you can imagine ... Measure and predict a customer's attitude ... Get relevant customer opinion on any question ... Make customer feel appreciated and important ... Have the customer community collectively rank the feedback and ideas ... Expand the use of web 2.0 at your store 

Survey Builder for CRE Loaded:


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