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Instant Document Search is a handy search engine for your desktop. Type keyword(s) and find your local documents (the files stored in your PC or Local Area Network) as fast as possible. All search results are numbered and contain the document title, text parts that show matches in bold font, document location, size and date. Supported file formats: MS Word (DOC and DOT), MS Excel (XLS), MS PowerPoint (PPT), WordPerfect (WPD), RTF, HTML, MS Write (WRI), PDF and plain text files (TXT, INI, BAS, SQL etc.). In addition, advanced search options are available. You can set filters by file name, size, date, type or folder name. It is possible to easily use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to perform multiple keyword searches. Special options for corporate users are available. For example, you can create common index for several computers. Instant Document Search is an easy to use and cost-effective search solution. You can try it for free. 

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Word Document Converter:

Converts whole your word or word perfect documents with this easy to use document convertor software. You can easily install and setup this utility. Both beginners and experts can use this software. Tool helps thousands of people to convert their documents. Program uses best conversion engines for converting the documents. It checks each file from byte level and only converts real documents and ignores the rest. It manages non conformity extensions and converts documents in Word, real text, text formats. Software comes with simple to use graphical user interface (GUI) and it works with all windows operating systems. Its built in feature helps to fix document conversion . it contains many extra tools like Batch Converter PDF Word, WordPerfect, RTF, Word Document Troubleshoot, Extension Manager, Run Macro Feature, Document Filter Feature, Conversion Engine, Sessions Manager, WordPerfect Integration Toolbar, Reporter etc. 

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