ASPPAck GroupWare by ITCom3 is a a free instant intranet software for Windows. ASPPack allows you to create a Web based GroupWare in a few minutes. Available applications : shared diary, members directory, address book, Web directory, news, calendar, project manager, forum,files sharing and Wiki. The Instant Intranet ASPPack GroupWare includes the following users applications : 1 Shared Diary Allows you to organize and share meetings with other member 2 Project-Planning Allows you to manage projects and view them on a planning format 3 Members List Helps you to find and communicate with other members4 Address BookShare all your contactsfor the whole company on one place 5 Web Sites directory Share Web Links that migth interested everybody6 News Announcements Allows every member to publish informations or articles 7 Events - Calendar Beware of on coming events : seminars, conferences, birthdays ... 8 Forum Discuss with other members 9 Files and documents Sharing Save files in directories and publish them on the Intranet for other Members 10 Wiki A Wiki is a web application that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser. Wiki supports hyperlinks and has a simple text syntax for creating new pages and crosslinks between internal pages on the fly 11 Intranet About Page Retrieve general information about your own intranet Unzip under c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ or your IIS directory


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Working with a shared Exchange account has a major issue when it comes to handling sent emails. When you forward, or reply to an email from the shared account the sent mail ends up in the users personal Sent Items folder. This takes away the biggest advantage of a shared mailbox: knowing who answered to an email and knowing what was answered. MailMover takes care of this problem, it automatically searches for the correct mailbox and places the reply, forward or new mail that was sent on behalf of that mailbox in it's Sent Items folder instead of in the users personal Sent Items folder. Download the demo version and test for yourself. The only limitation to the demo version is that the name of the shared mailbox has to contain the word "demo". The full version has no limitations at all and can be used on as many computers as you want! 

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