Welcome to TimeMAX, the software program designed to run on Pocket PC to help you to evaluate, analyze your integrity and your goals; discover the most important to you and fine tune your acts every day and at every where. With TimeMAX you are in control of your time and your life, of your stress and energy levels. You make progress at work. You are able to maintain balance between your work, personal, and family lives. How can the TimeMAX software increase your effectiveness? With this powerful time spending management software, you always have your essential information at your fingertips. You can use it to perform many functions at anywhere, including the following: - Enter time spending information of your daily activities. - Take a note of each activity for later consideration. - Look back to think about what you had done. - Compare amount of time you had spent for your roles, your most important people, and your categories of work. - Analyze how integrity of your daily activities with what you most valued. - Evaluate your effectiveness through what you had prioritized. - Analyze efficiency of your time spending by comparing what you get with amount of time you had spent. Features: - Easy to enter data. - Easy to take note of each activity. - Easy to search and review. - Many filters for faster data display and retrieval. - Many powerful analyzers for better comprehensions. - Data analyses are visualized by graphical charts. System requirements: - Pocket PC with Microsoft Windows Mobile 2002 or latter - 2 MBs Storage space.


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