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This English as a Second Language book is the first in a series of children's ESL textbooks. It is written for young children who are learning the alphabet letter names and sounds. FROM A TO L IS USER FRIENDLY - It is classroom tested. - These kid's ESL lessons are ready to use. - The Practice Book provides an opportunity for the teacher to attend to special needs while giving the children a chance to express their ideas independently. - The Teacher's Guide supplies colorful games that review the content. THE PHILOSOPHY OF FROM A TO L The structure of this book is based on the recommendations of many researchers by mimicking the first language learning situation of the home. TESTIMONIAL: Thank you very much!!! I find the way you use in teaching children brilliant! THIS FIRST ESL TEXTBOOK From A to L provides the total lessons to be presented. It also includes graphics that illustrate the concepts being presented plus spaces for the children to print. PRACTICE BOOK This kids' ESL book provides independent work for the children. There are two pages of simple assignments to accompany each lesson. TEACHER'S GUIDE The Teacher's Guide that accompanies From A to L includes a variety of activities suitable for small and large groups of children's ESL classes. The games relate directly to specific lessons and reinforce the concepts that have been taught. GAMES: The games provided in the From A to L Guide provide essential listening and speaking activities. Games make ESL for kids fun – they accelerate learning. SUMMARY From A to L is written for young children who are learning the alphabet letter names and sounds. It allows the children to learn through all five modalities. It is classroom tested, the lessons are ready to use and the teacher can present each lesson by referring to only one book. Its user friendly attributes have made it a popular kids ESL textbook in many countries of the world.

English Lessons for Children:




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