Serial Splitter (by Eltima Software ) is an advanced application which lets you split serial ports at one side into multiple virtual and real serial ports at the other one, as well as join multiple serial ports into one. Serial Splitter can be used to execute the following operations: split real or virtual serial port into several others, join several serial ports (virtual or real) into one, redirect dataflow from virtual serial ports to the real ones or between virtual or real serial ports and organize complex bundles with multiple ports at both sides. Since version 3.0 Serial Splitter features unique ports bundles approach, which lets you split serial ports at one side into multiple virtual and real serial ports at the other one, as well as join multiple serial ports into one. Another unique feature is many-to-many ports splitting/redirection: you can have multiple serial ports at both sides of a bundle; the data will be redirected from several incoming ports to several outgoing ports. Using our technology of setting main ports at both sides of a bundle, you will be able to easily manage hardware control lines. Note, that both sides of a bundle can have virtual serial ports and real serial ports installed. So, Serial Splitter, based on Windows kernel drivers technology and Eltima Virtual Serial Ports Driver, will enable you to share real serial port between several applications in a way that all applications will receive the same data from one serial port simultaneously. It is achieved by creating virtual serial ports, which are same copies of real ones. Each application will think that it is working with serial port in exclusive mode. One of them will be able also to send data to real serial port. Now you can connect two or more applications to one real serial port with only several clicks.


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Share Serial Ports is an advanced utility, the purpose of which is to share real serial ports between multiple applications in the way, that all applications will receive same data from real serial port simultaneously. Shared Serial Ports can be used for serial port emulation, as it connects real serial ports by creating virtual serial ports, which are same copies as real ones. Each application will think that it is working with serial port in exclusive mode. All virtual serial ports will be able to send data to real serial port. Also, you will be able to set permissions to read, write or change control lines state for every application separately. Sharing a serial port is trully effective and reliable with Shared Serial Ports.

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