Appointment Scheduler 2006 is a networkable scheduling software for managing schedules, calendars, to-do lists, messages, contacts, and booking appointments. It replaces your paper-based calendar and/or appointment book. Print out schedules, appointments, or calendars in daily, weekly, and monthly calendar formats. Scheduling data can be shared on multiple computers. Scheduling information can be entered from any computer on the network and the data will immediately become visible at all the computers. The information is stored on a central and secure server machine that all the computers connect to. Assigning schedules and setting appointments will be a breeze whether it will be used in a medical practice for doctors to set up appointments with patients, a moving company to schedule trucks, a salon to schedule clients, or used internally to manage appointments with clients.


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Transform your employee scheduling headache into a coordinated workforce scheduling strategy with Schedule24 Standard. Demonstrate management skills and impress your team with fast professional employee scheduling. Make a real difference to maintaining employee shifts, reduce labor costs and improve business operation. Schedule24 Standard delivers much more than just shift scheduling. Based on the award winning Schedule24 Professional solution used by 'blue chip' corporations, Schedule24 Standard provides the same essential workflow you need to manage staff headcounts, absences and planning your staff resourcing as far ahead as you need. Schedule24 Standard key features: - Microsoft Office look and feel makes Schedule24 Standard intuitive and easy use. - New to staff scheduling? Wizards automatically generate industry standard shift schedules in five steps. - Print advance notice of scheduling information in detailed daily, weekly or yearly schedules for coordinated team action. - Publish your schedules as Web pages that can be accessed from anywhere. - Built-in Staff Manager so all your staff contact information is always to hand. - Special editing tools for creating customized schedules faster over long time ranges. - Define any shift type (including split shifts), modify start and end times, add descriptions, and color codes. - Dual time format: 24-hour or AM/PM. - Easily monitor and track individual staff working hours and headcount by shifts. - Graphically display and evaluate staff availability using time zooming. - Manage staff Assignments; record Unavailability with individual Color coding. - Add Memo notes to staff. - Open, View and Edit multiple schedules. - Import Personnel from existing schedules to save time rekeying information. - Preview and customize report data before printing. - Includes tutorials, example schedules and comprehensive help to get Visit our site for more information about Schedule24 Standard

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LookupGadget is designed to be the absolute fastest and easiest way to search the Active Directory for staff contact details. Many organisations populate their Active Directories with user's phone numbers, department and other data. Similarly, many companies have browser based staff directories which enable you to find a staff member's photo and other details. Most of the time however, all you want is a phone number. Starting a browser, navigating to the internal directory, entering the user's name, clicking down, etc all takes time and is disruptive. LookupGadget allows you to quickly and easily find these details. Features include: *Easy to use Windows interface. *Small, fast and unobtrusive. *Sits on the status bar ready for use at all times. *Can be activated by a global hotkey from any program. *Full pattern matching supported. *LookupGadget will search multiple AD fields. *LookupGadget can search child containers as well as child domains. *In most environments, search results are returned in less than 1 second. 



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