CryptoPressStream is a streaming compression and encryption library. It provides transparent access to compressed or encrypted data stored in the stream object. All stream objects are 100% compatible with TStream and have some advanced functionality such as progress event, LoadFromStream, LoadFromFile, SaveToStream, SaveToFile methods, Lock and Unlock methods for multi-thread usage. CryptoPressStream includes TCPSManager thread-safe component that provides easy settings of compression and encryption parameters, and contains a list of opened streams. CryptoPressStream contains TCPSManager visual component, Component Reference, 7 demos, License Agreement in License.txt file, History Of Changes in History.txt file and general information in ReadMe.txt file. Key features: - Transparent streaming compression and encryption library with 100% TStream compatibility. - Forward and backward seeks to any position, partial rewriting of the stream, read cache. - Support for large 64-bit streams (> 2 Gb). - Compression and encryption component supporting buffers, strings, files. - Compression algorithms ZLIB, BZIP and PPM. - Strong customizable encryption with binary key support (12 algorithms and 4 modes): Rijndael (AES) 128 and 256, Blowfish, Twofish 128 and 256, DES single, double and tripple, Square. - TCPSManager component for compression and encryption settings, list of opened stream, memory leaks prevention. - Native VCL, does not require any DLLs. - Many Demos, Component Reference with Delphi and C++ prototypes. - Royalty free. - Full source code available.


streaming video capture

all video to 3gp

backup removable media

church library software

streaming video server software

business component library

Windows Media Centre PC

class library





AidAim CryptoPressStream:


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