DeskAngel is an enhancement tool for Windows. It is simple, portable and totally free. It contains following features: 1.) Directly scroll the document under cursor, whenever it is actived or not. 2.) Maximize and restore the window under cursor by clicking the wheel/middle button of the mouse. 3.) Auto scroll the document by pressing the wheel button down and rotating one step. 4.) Toggle a window topmost by right clicking on its titlebar. 5.) Transform 'left + right click' to 'alt + right click', to enable the translator feature for Lingoes or Babylon without touching keyboard, etc. 6.) Adjust translucent rate of a window by pressing 'left ctrl+alt' and rotating mouse wheel on it. 7.) Dragging the mouse to capture a screenshot and save it to clipboard or save it into a file and return the file path in clipboard. 8.) Hide cursor while typing. 9.) Edge snap is like 'Aero snap' of 'windows 7', which makes windows snapped at the edges of screen. 10.) Show icon only on taskbar. 11.) Change cursor style while moving window. 12.) Roll up a window by double clicking on its title bar. 13.) Turn off monitor. Default hotkey is win+o. Check the completed features:


transparent flash

MCDST Windows XP

On-Screen Keyboard Magic

change keyboard shortcuts

windows clean registry

controller keyboard midi software

windows shortcuts

transparent form

syslog server collector windows





JxCapture, the new product by TeamDev Ltd., is a Java library that allows adding different screen capturing abilities to your Java software. This cross-platform library provides a full-featured screen capture API, allowing you to capture any graphic element on the screen and then manipulate it as a java.awt.image.BufferedImage object in your Java code. -- Multiple screen capture operations: * full-screen capture (available on multiple monitors), * active window capture, * object capture of any UI element like window, button, menu, etc. * rectangular region capture. -- Extensive capture options like capture transparent windows, mouse cursor inclusion, easy-to-set keyboard shortcuts, etc. View JavaDoc. * JxCapture demo application and code samples demonstrating all the API features. Please note! The library that is available for direct download from this site supports both Windows and Mac OS X. You can download JxCapture for Windows or JxCapure for Mac OS X separately or get evaluation licenses for our libraries at at any time. Hint: You can use JxCapture demo as a free screen capturing utility for your daily needs.


JxCapture for Windows (32/64-bit) Std:


HotKey Manager is a Windows application for shortcuts creation and customisation. HotKey Manager assumes all your repetitive work on the computer. With the help of this program you can greatly speed up your rate of work. Pressing hot keys you can paste frequently used text, launch applications, open folders, favourite web-pages, dial-up connections, quickly change sound volumes. Combining buttons you can provide such types of actions as: - Execute any installed application - Open directory on your PC - Paste some predefined text or type it into a field - Make some window manipulations like close, change window size, change windows order or start screensaver - Automatically control the volume - Make use of CD Tray and control its actions as well as playing of the CD contents - Perform system actions such as Taskbar control, opening web browser or mail client - Execute power actions of your PC, like shut down, log off or restart - Execute own plug-ins - Assignkey sequences for actions - Create your own plugins (plugin example with sources included). - Multilingual interface with opened format. It allows making your own application translation. - Possibility to create and use different profiles HotKey Manager allows you to make shortcuts sequences so that the number of shortcuts available is very large. HotKey Manager is a must for your performance optimisation because: - stop making the unnecessary movements with the mouse over and over again - control the sound without switching off or minimizing your favourite games or business window - without difficulty type the same text time and again only pressing two or more buttons - manage and fully control the playing process of CD tracks - open your favourite web pages without searching it in the web pages bookmarks - launch the application on key press - fasten your work Registration Information: HotKey Manager has a fully functional trial of 15 days 



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