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Interactive real estate maps were developed to make large real estate listings simpler in use. With its 3D transformations, flash animation, fast loading speed, and simple interface, USA Real Estate Flash Maps became a part of many Real Estate listings transforming them to high-impact and rich Web content. Website users like them because interactive real estate maps help them find what they are looking for. Web masters love them, because the maps are easy to set up, and customize.New updates are always available! Features of this product - Set states/counties clickable or unclickable; - Define color scheme to fit your design; - Non empty areas are highlighted; - Possibility to show a specific state on load; - Set a unique color scheme, links, and click behavior for each state; - Pop-up summaries on mouse over state or county; - Textfield with map description; - Zoom and Pan tool added to improve usability and make the largest states easy to use (such as Texas); - County and equivalent entity names are 100% FIPS 6-4 compliant; - Independent cities included in Virginia State; - Show/Hide 3D Animation! USA Real Estate Map is truly interactive. It is used to visualize real estate properties or other data you have, and pass a selected area to a search results page. It adds more interactivity to your site, making it more outstanding, and simple to use. No more boring lists of states and counties.

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Map Suite Geocode USA is a .NET-native geocoding and reverse geocoding component for the United States. It can convert U.S. addresses into latitude, longitude, county, elevation, time zone, and more. Geocode USA comes with a highly-optimized dataset covering the entire United States. Why guess where your customers are coming from when you can know for sure? - Convert addresses into valuable information - Includes geocoder and reverse geocoder - True .NET native component - Comes with everything you need, including a highly optimized dataset of the United States - Enjoy royalty-free distribution of your project - Professional support that's ready to assist you - 1-Year Software Assurance Plan Geocode USA's powerful geocoding feature set gives you access to data like latitude, longitude, county, time zone, census information and much more. 

Map Suite Geocode USA:


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