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ActMask ALL2PDF PDF Creator allows you to convert ANY printable document to professional-quality, searchable PDF from ANY sofware supports printing. To export JPG, PNG, BMP,TIFF, GIF, TGA, PCX, EMF, SPL or more output formats, to develop software based on ActMask Virtual Printer SDK, see With quick installation and an intelligent user-interface, it's simple to use, provides single step to PDF document conversion feature. Once "ActMask Document Converter" is set as the default printer, you can simply click the "Print" button from any Windows application to have your PDF created. It allows you to bulk convert documents to pdf files with just One click (Batch Converter). In addition, you can handle the PDF Optimization, automatization, Watermark, Printer Tools, WinZip compressing and FTP distribution functions. Key features: Low cost, easy to use, easy to implement One Step to convert any type of printable document into professional-quality, searchable PDF file from any windows application. To ensure portability you can embed fonts in PDF file. Complete control of PDF output Complete control of PDF output with features like PDF Document Description (such as Title, Author, Subject, Keywords etc.), Font embedding, Compression options, Optimization options and more. 128 Bits Encryption Set Security or Restriction options for PDF file, no one can open, edit, print, annotate PDF or copy/paste PDF content! Combine Multiple Documents into one Single PDF File Combine Multiple documents printed into one existing PDF file. Batch Converter Capability Bulk convert documents to PDF files with just 1 Click. Watermark feature Custom watermark for PDF layout. WinZip Distribution Export ZIP compressing format after creating pdf. FTP Distribution Upload file(s) to FTP server after creating. Support FTP proxy. Printer Tools Setup Printer easier. Use built-in Printer Tools to setup page size or DPI of printer easier.


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