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Wav Sampe Rate Converter can convert WAV format easily. It can change wav file parameters such as sample per second, channels, bits per second, and more.

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Wav Sampe Rate Converter can convert wav/wave format easily. It can change wav file parameters such as sample per second(44100Hz, 22050Hz , 11025Hz , 8000Hz, or custom define), channels (stereo or mono) , bits per second (16bits or 8bits). It also can convert audio to WAV, MP3, MP2, AU, AIF, SND to wav, convert video AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, ASF, VCD, DAT to wav.

The following is the step-by-step of how to use the sample rate converter

1. Click the Open Media File button, then select a media file.

2. If you want to convert the whole audio from the media file, set the Output File if needed, then click the Convert button.

If you want to convert some part of audio from the media file, drag the slide bar directly, or click the Play button to preview the media file, set the Start Time and the End Time.

3. In the Wave format field, you can change the format of output wav such as sample per second (Hz), number of channels, bits per sample.

Any combination of the following are possible:

Samples per second (Hz): 48000, 44100, 32000, 22050, 11025, 8000, Custom define
Channels: Stereo or mono.
Bits per sample: 16 or 8.

4. At last, click the Convert button to start the conversion.

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online WAV Sample Rate Converter

WAV Sample Rate Converter

How to use:

1. When you first run the software, it will pop up a message (shared folder message), just click OK button. The software will add a virtual disk on your hard drive, allowing you to upload or download data, specify: This method is completely safe

shared folder message

for example, my virtual disk:

2. Then, the software will remind you need to register an account

3. When you have successfully registered, you can begin to use the online app box on any platform

4. Double-click WAV Sample Rate Converter in online app box

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