Do not play boring 2d puzzle games. Try Fancy Puzzle. It is an exciting new 3d puzzle game, where you have slide numbers in the right order. Each numbered tile is hovering and vibrating, which makes Fancy Puzzle really fancy. Unlike other puzzle games, Fancy Puzzle leaves a solid impression in terms of design and graphics. The developers made a good job creating this free online arcade game. And the best thing is, you can download it for free on your desktop and play whenever you feel like it. And believe me, you will feel like playing Fancy Puzzle over and over again. Convince yourself, try it out now!


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Gems 3D ist ein Spiel von Logik, von Wahrscheinlichkeit und von Organisation. Mit jeder Runde; fallen drei neue Edelsteine auf das Spielbrett, und der Spieler erh?lt eine neue M?glichkeit, einen Edelstein zu verschieben, um eine Reihe von 5 oder mehr Edelsteinen zu bilden. Sobald eine Reihe gebildet wurde, verschwinden die Edelsteine, und freier Brettplatz entsteht. Der Spieler erh?lt seine Punkte. Das Spiel geht weiter, bis das gesamte Brett voll ist. Lernziel des Spiels ist es, so lange wie m?glich zu spielen, und die h?chste erdenkliche Punktzahl zu erzielen!

Fancy Puzzle:

Gems 3D Puzzle Game:


Can you feel the atmosphere of holiday? Let the Thanksgiving Scenery 3D screensaver help you enjoy it! Leave noisy city and visit a very peaceful place for the holiday time. It's very nice countryside around here, near the barn full of garnered crop. Horses are walking peacefully by the barn, leaves of bright autumn colors are falling from trees, covering land and making day by day lively carpet thicker. Trees dressed up in a vivid yellow-red clothing are reflected in the water of a nearby lake. This lake is so still, that on its surface a reflection of bird flocks and the sun can be seen. Some trees are still green, the sun is still warm, and the weather is so windless, that you don’t even notice how rushes are moving in the untroubled water. Harmony of quiet rural life and soothing music will help you forget all troubles and attain sweet serenity! Don't forget, the crop in the barn will be used to cook heaps of delicious things for the festive table! And, of course, everybody will be thankful for abundance at the end of the harvest season. Because it's Thanksgiving Day! 

Thanksgiving Scenery 3D:


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