Adaptive Modeler is a tool for creating agent-based market simulation models for price forecasting of real world stocks, ETFs or other securities. Thousands of trading agents are provided with real world market data and use their trading rules to compete and adapt on a simulated market. Their collective behavior is used to generate forecasts and trading signals. Models evolve and adapt incrementally (walk-forward) in real-time without repeated optimization or overfitting on historical data. This results in better adaptability to changing market conditions and more consistent and reliable performance. Adaptive Modeler features an easy to use drag-and-drop user interface, real-time charts and plots to visualize model evolution, behavior and performance, a user configurable genetic programming engine for trading rule creation, (custom) quote intervals ranging from 1 millisecond to multiple days or variable, Trading Simulator with hedge-fund style performance report, data export function, batch mode, User’s Guide, Tutorial, examples, context-sensitive help and much more.


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Adaptive Modeler:


Mutual fund ratings screensaver for Internet Explorer. Mutual funds with the best performance levels will have top mutual fund ratings. Mutual fund ratings refer to a scale expressed in numerical numbers that determines how mutual funds are performing. You can judge how a mutual fund is going to perform if you look to its past performance both in terms of its own performance as well as in relation to other mutual funds. 

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