AV DVD Player-Morpher Gold is the Pro DVD player program that works as a DVD player and comes complete with DVD editor software that edits the DVD, morphs images and audio, burns VCDs, and makes CD covers and labels. .Apply 44 video and 44 audio effects in real time while playing DVD and video movies .Mix complex effects and switch between effects “on the fly” .Morph one section or an entire movie and save it in video format .Capture still images or a series of images .Capture audio .Convert DVD to video, or convert between video formats .Edit DVD movie titles and subtitles .Play DVDs, SVCDs, VCDs, and other media file formats .Burn DVDs, VCDs, and data CDs to add to your music or movie collections .Erase DVDs and CDs .Design DVD and CD covers and labels Software Features: 1. Apply video and audio effects in real time while playing DVD and video movies 2. Mix complex effect and switch between effects “on the fly” 3. Edit a DVD, morph one section or an entire movie and save it in video format 4. Capture still image or series of images 5. Capture audio 6. Convert DVD to video, or between video formats, with DVD editor software 7. Edit DVD titles and subtitles 8. Play DVDs, SVCDs, VCDs and other media file formats 9. Burn DVDs, VCDs and data CDs to create music collections or movies 10. Erase DVDs and CDs 11. Design DVD and CD cover and label


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AV DVD Player-Morpher Gold:


WeatherGuide for Symbian Series 60 phones, offers you current and 5-day weather forecast for almost any city in the world. If your city is not in the list of supported cities, you can email us and we will add it for you right away. WeatherGuide provides 2 main views, which are nicely organized to offer you the current weather conditions and the 5-day forecast for your selected city. The following information is displayed for : Current weather: - weather type icon and text - temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit - dew point - Humidity - Amount of day precipitations - UV index (Sun's ultraviolet intensity level) - Visibility distance - Pressure - Wind speed and direction Forecast: - weather type icon and text - High and low temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit Requirements You should have Internet (GRPS, CSD or EDGE/UMTS) service subscription on your phone. Contact your network operator for more information on this. The traffic generated by WeatherGuide is extremly small. Aprox. 5Kb per each update. Registering When you register for your full version, if you will also have the weather forecast available (which is disabled in the demo). There is NO YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION fee charged to you, to use the weather update service. It's completely free and included in the product price, opposed to our competitors which charge you a large yearly fee for this. If you change you phone, you can receive up to 3 new licenses for free (for 3 new phones), for free. For the same phone, you can redownload your copy of WeatherGuide, anytime and as many times as you wish, completely free. Compatible devices WeatherGuide works on all Series 60 2nd Edition phones : Nokia 6600, 6620, 7610, 6260, 6630, 6670, 3230, 6680, 6681, 6682, N90, N70; Panasonic X700, X800; Samsung D720, D730. WeatherGuide does not work on Series 60 1st Edition phones : Nokia 7650, 3650, 3660, N-Gage, N-Gage QD; Siemens SX1; Sendo X, X2. 

WeatherGuide (Symbian Series 60):

Phone Guardian:

Are you afraid that one day somebody will steal your expensive Series 60 smartphone or you may just leave it and someone can use your confidential data? Just stop worrying and secure your phone with Phone Guardian. In case your mobile is forgotten or stolen, Phone Guardian will allow you to remotely secure and auto lock your Symbian mobile by sending a lock SMS. Furthermore Phone Guardian allows to lock the mobile automatically or when a lock SMS is received. Once locked the phone remains secured. It will not be possible to use your mobile or to uninstall the Phone Guardian software without knowing the password. New in version 3.0: - You can choose to install Phone Guardian without icon and launch it by dialing your secret number - You can trace the phone not only with CellID, but also with GPS now, including network based GPS - New SMS commands for better remote handling - You can buy the application directly from your mobile - Now alarm SMS can be sent to 3 numbers. 2 alarm SMS numbers and the number you are sending the lock SMS from Now Phone Guardian is more secure. Now you can easily find out the location of your mobile phone with the help of GPS tracking option. You should just tune your internal GPS module or use network based GPS. You can turn on and off the GPS tracking remotely with SMS. Now you can select the method of Phone Guardian launch. You can launch the software: - with the help of Application icon, which was the only one way to launch Phone Guardian in previous versions; - with the help of Activation number, which you can set manually after the installation - and using both these methods Registration Information The trial version is limited for 5 days. A license code based on IMEI is provided upon purchase. 

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