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Rodin is an open tool platform for the cost effective rigorous development of dependable complex software systems and services. This platform is based on the event-B formal method and provides natural support for refinement and mathematical proof.

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This platform contributes to the Eclipse framework and is extensible using the Eclipse plug-in mechanism.

You can use our Online App Box and run Rodin Platform online on any O.S.. for example: Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad...

The Rodin Platform is an Eclipse-based IDE for Event-B that provides effective support for refinement and mathematical proof. The platform is open source, contributes to the Eclipse framework and is further extendable with plugins.

Rodin is a modular software and many extensions are available. These include alternative editors, document generators, team support, and extensions (called plugins) some of which include support decomposition and records. An up-to-date list of plugins is maintained in the Rodin Wiki

Rodin is based on the Eclipse Platform, a Java-based platform for building software tools. This is important for two reasons:

  • If you have already used Eclipse-based software, then you will feel immediately comfortable with how Rodin applications are handled.
  • Many extensions, or plugins, are available for Eclipse-based software. There are Rodin-specific plugins as well as plugins independent of Rodin that may be useful to you. The Rodin Wiki, contains a list of plugins is maintained.

The GUI of an Eclipse application consists of views, editors, toolbars, quickviews, perspectives and many more elements.

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rodin platform

online rodin platform

rodin platform

How to use:

1. When you first run the software, it will pop up a message (shared folder message), just click OK button. The software will add a virtual disk on your hard drive, allowing you to upload or download data, specify: This method is completely safe

shared folder message

for example, my virtual disk:

2. Then, the software will remind you need to register an account

3. When you have successfully registered, you can begin to use the online app box on any platform

4. Double-click Rodin Platform in online app box

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